Bild von Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Wessel, Dipl.-Psych.


Ratzeburger Allee 160 MFC VIII (8), 2. Stock, erster Gang rechts, 2. Tür rechts D-23562 Luebeck

Telefon: +49 451-3101 5122
Fax: +49 451-3101 5106


When it comes to technology, the magic happens in the interaction between humans and technology. And we need to understand the human side and the technological side to understand the interaction and to develop usable solutions.

Dr. Daniel Wessel is working on multiple aspects of the intersection between humans and technology. Methodolodically, his focus is on empirical studies — esp. studies to understand the use context (mainly the users), but also formative and summative evaluations. Thematically, his interests are broad. He's currently working on eGovernment and Digitaliziation, but also interested in mobile media and mobile learning, work methods, creativity, reflection and critical thinking, and evaluation and research methods.

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