Bild von Mourad Zoubir, M.Sc.


Ratzeburger Allee 160 | Geb. 64 | D-23562 Luebeck


To live means to regulate resources! Some resources are easy enough to grasp: money or fuel for example. Other resources are intangible: CO2 or subjective human energy. For these, Mourad seeks to develop digital assistance systems, which help us to register and regulate resources and which further behavioural change.

Mourad studied psychology at the University of Lübeck, with a focus on clinical and neuropsychology, before turning towards engineering psychology.

Before beginning his studies, Mourad served in the German navy as an infantryman and (thereafter) completed training as a kindergarten teacher. The former experience was an asset for his master thesis, which explored energy-efficient behaviour of seafarers on cargo ships.

On his weekends, Mourad likes to work as a coach for potential-based mentoring and career orientation. In his free-time he likes to cook or criticise tv-shows.

Do you have any ideas for intangible resources to be regulated, or for the assistance systems to do it? Mourad would love to hear from you!