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We are living in a world that is increasingly pervaded by digital technology. Yet, are we really prepared to live in a digital environment? And how can we improve the fit between humans and technology in order to realise the positive potential of technology whilst avoiding negative side effects? What we need is a holistic approach to psychology in the digital age. What we need is a comprehensive understanding of human experience and behaviour in technology-enriched environments to ultimately support human-technology integration.

Thomas was born in 1983 in Freiberg (fun fact: the place where the term sustainability was developed by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in 1713). He studied psychology at TU Chemnitz from 2003 and 2008 where he came into contact with technology research and started working on the setup of a driving simulator lab. After completing his PhD on user-interaction with range resources in electric vehicles he continued working as a postdoc at TU Chemnitz and the University of Southampton.

Since 2016 Thomas has been a professor of Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics at the Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems at the University of Lübeck. Thomas is particularly interested in user diversity and a resource perspective on user-technology interaction, working towards a general understanding of resource regulation in technology-rich environments. He works on these topics in areas such as energy, mobility, and health. When he is not at work enjoying research and the many inspiring people he has the privilege to work with, he enjoys time with his family (3 kids - 2003, 2007, 2009) or being outdoors. You can always get into lively discussions with him about creative food (especially gelato) and he is always keen on recommendations for great music.

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