Picture of Vivien Moll, M. Sc.


Ratzeburger Allee 160 | Geb. 64 | R. 2.099
D-23562 Luebeck

Phone: +49 451-3101 5111
Fax: +49 451-3101 5104


Vivien is our expert coordinator of all the driving simulator activities. She is working on heuristics and biases in the perception of energy & time dynamics. In this research she deals with questions such as:

What is the optimal visualisation for current consumption to avoid biased perception? How can we make the experience of energy dynamics in a driving simulator as realisitic as possible?

Vivien has a Master in Psychology and a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering. Before joining the Engineering Psychology group at Lübeck she has worked for a HR and management consultancy (recruitment, personnel development, aptitude diagnostics). Besides, she has experiences in e-business, project management and construction.

If you want to know more about her research check out the poster below or just drop her a line.